TeamEQ is a unique People Analytics SaaS platform for Teams to respond to today’s key challenges of hybrid work, liquid structures, and agile organizations. TeamEQ offers a data-driven innovative solution of listening, engagement, development, and EQ upskilling at all organizational levels. InnovaBeyond has chosen TeamEQ to accompany its projects. TeamEQ is the first Team Analytics and Team Intelligence platform, thanks to its methodology it periodically measures the main team variables allowing InnovaBeyond to:

  • ● Bring out any challenge and resistance to change
  • ● Allow the leadership (Team Leader and Company) to monitor adherence to the strategic project and the change in progress in real time
  • ● Identify any perceptive gaps within the team, facilitating discussion and generating new forms of behaviour
  • ● Support talent loyalty in the delicate transformation process, allows real-time interventions both at team and company level

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